Ideas for Eco-Friendly Seasonal Home Decor

Ideas for Eco-Friendly Seasonal Home Decor

I love decorating my house. Whether I’m rearranging plants or putting together a new look for one of our built-ins, home decor is one of my favorite things. But purchasing new decor every time I want a new look is neither cost effective nor good for the environment. The whole idea behind weaving sustainability into your lifestyle is to use what you’ve got, so that’s exactly what I have been trying to do.

Often, simply moving items into another room and arranging them in a different way gives the room (and your decor) a completely different look. I wanted to hang something on the wall of our downstairs bathroom and had a woven tray that used to sit on our coffee table but was no longer being used. I tried hanging it on our bathroom wall, and it looks so cute! It gave the entire bathroom a cozier feel, and I was able to put the no-longer needed tray to good use.


The other thing I’ve started doing is making my own decor using items from outside. My love for being outside runs deep, and there is nothing better than bringing something outdoorsy and natural into our home. If you’re interested in doing this, it’s so easy! The first step is to start saving your glass jars and bottles – save them all! Once you start looking at things with a “reuse” mindset, glass jars will become your best friend. I use them for everything – food storage, lotion containers, decor – the possibilities are endless.If you’re looking for a fun seasonal idea, take one of your saved bottles or jars, and then go for a walk outside and collect a funky looking branch, an evergreen branch, or a handful of pinecones. Place in the jar and you can set up a beautiful winter display. You can then change it up every season to reflect what it’s like outdoors. The end result is beautifully rustic and natural.

If you do get that itch to purchase something for your home, do what I do and buy a new plant. Green foliage throughout your space will make it feel so happy and beautiful, and it’s adding something that is beneficial for your home (hello, great air quality) and our planet. Get a beautiful ceramic pot to put it in, and you’ll have lovely decor that will outlast any store-bought knick-knack.Bright green plants now take up most of my windowsills and tables.

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