Sustainable Sensory Table for Toddlers

Sustainable Sensory Table for Toddlers

As a mom of two young kids (4 and 2), I am constantly rotating toys, switching things up in the playroom, and trying to come up with new ways to entertain and stimulate their beautiful little minds. One of my go-tos is checking out nearby thrift stores for pre-loved toys that I can add to our playroom. However, I recently came across an amazing sensory table while perusing Etsy and knew that my little ones (particularly my two-year-old son, Easton) would love it. My immediate thought was to order the one I saw on Etsy, but after looking at it more closely, I decided that I could make this myself using items we already had in the house.

I collected a basket, a few bags of dry beans, a handful of rocks, some small jars I had in our cupboard, a few of Easton’s trucks, a spoon, two lids and voila – I had everything needed to put one together. The nice thing about this is I’m sure you have everything on hand to make a sensory table as well, even if your ingredients aren’t the same as mine. Instead of a basket, you could use a wooden box, a plastic tote, a dresser drawer, or anything else that will store your items and allow your kids to dig. Instead of dry beans, you could use popcorn kernels, sand, rocks – again, so many options! Listed below is what I used, but please review each item with a creative mind. If you don’t have these items on hand, I’m positive you have a creative alternative already in your house. It is important to note that this is probably going to make a mess as your little one explores and plays. The first time I sat down with Easton to play with it, we had beans everywhere. And I was perfectly okay with it, because that’s what it’s for. He dug, buried, pushed, stacked, and spilled many beans for almost an hour. In fact, right now as I type this, he is sitting at the table with me, happily dumping beans into one of his jars. I’d call that a success.

Sensory Table Items:

  • A basket or tote
  • Dry beans (I used 4 bags)
  • Rocks
  • Small jars
  • A few lids (for digging)
  • Small trucks
  • Spoon

Directions: Add your beans to your basket (or popcorn kernels, rocks, sand, etc.), and then add any supplies you think would interest your little one. Just like that, sensory table complete!

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